High protection for smartphones,
With a lifetime warranty

Force Glass - The lifetime-guaranteed screen protector Force Case - Lifetime-guaranteed high-resistance protection. Force Power - The lifetime-guaranteed high-performance charge

The electric scooter
Connected and insured

Trottinette électrique Force Moov Suprem 6400
Force Moov

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Lifetime guarantee

Lifetime guarantee

Since 80% of smartphone breakages occur within one year of purchase, and there’s no getting away from the fact that mobile phones are now an inseparable part of our lives, FORCE GLASS, FORCE CASE and FORCE POWER have invented the first range of lifetime-guaranteed smartphone protection and charging solutions.

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Insurance and services

Insurance and services

Because scooters are being used more and more for short trips, the rider safety is becoming a major consideration.
FORCE MOOV propose la première trottinette incluant une assurance contre la casse et le vol, une assistance B26juridique, ainsi que la protection des données personnelles.B31

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Force Glass Screen protectors

Force Glass - Protèges-écrans
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from 32.99 €

Force Case Strengthened cases

Force Case - Coques renforcées
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from 32.99 €

Force Power Chargers and cables

Force Power - Chargeurs et Câbles
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from 22.99 €

Force Moov The connected electric scooter 

Force Moov - the connected electric scooter 
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from 499 €


Lifetime-guaranteed smartphone accessories 

Your mobility
in all conditions

Getting around on foot, by bike, by car, in the train or on the plane, or even on a scooter, we have become « homo-mobilis » – lovers of mobility in all forms.

We frequently travel in urban environments and occasionally off the beaten path, and we very often take our connected best friend, the smartphone.

It's so valuable and useful in all kinds of circumstances that we are checking it more than a hundred times a day, and want to protect it so it lasts longer.

The FORCE product ranges have been conceived and designed to face up to all the challenges of everyday life, from little scratches to long drops to batteries running out too soon.

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More than 50 lifetime-guaranteed products makes a lot of commitments to taking care of your smartphone. Got a question about the guarantee works, the shock resistance tests supervised by independent laboratories, the brand's promises, or how to contact us?

We’ve tried to answer all your questions in our FAQ but, if you don’t find the answer you need, write us a message from your customer account: our France-based customer service will do its best to help out.

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