Force Glass

When choosing a screen protector, there are several essential criteria to bear in mind:
The first is obviously the hardness. This is measured on the Wolff Wilborn scale, which goes up to 9H. Force Glass has an even higher rating: 9H+. Thanks to a tempered-glass technology developed in Japan, Force Glass is probably the strongest screen protector after diamond.

Transparency: effective protection must not reduce transparency. The high transparency of Force Glass screen protectors is achieved through ultrasonic dips.

Touch sensitivity: a good screen protector must absolutely not reduce the touch sensitivity of your mobile. Force Glass has an ultra smooth and soft surface thanks to doubled polishing time.

Easy to install: a few seconds are all it takes to fit a Force Glass screen protector.

Anti-fingerprint treatment: its oleophobic treatment by electrolysis endows an optimal anti-fingerprint treatment.

Guaranteed: a screen protector worthy of the name must be guaranteed. Force Glass is making a strong commitment to its customers by launching the first lifetime-guaranteed screen protector!
On the contrary, a good screen protector enables you to avoid much higher costs while skipping all the bother caused by screen breakage...A study performed in January 2016 by smartaddict.fr, the leading mobile trends website, shows that the average cost of repairing a screen is about €174. Compare this with the €29.99 RRP of FORCE GLASS, the screen protector with a lifetime warranty. Read the article Smartaddict article

Also, the probability of breaking a screen is very high: 52% of smartphone owners have already damaged their screen, according to the exclusive 2016 SmartAddict/GECE survey (of a panel of 1,000 people of 18 and over having a smartphone).
No! We have developed our FORCE GLASS range not only to be the strongest on the market, but also to preserve all the usability of your smartphone: that's why we can assure you that the ultra smooth and soft surface and the thickness of the glass have been specially designed with these needs in mind.

If your smartphone has a touch sensitivity mode, enable it.

Force Case

Our range has been designed according to the degree of protection you need... while offering you a variety of designs and colors to fit your style.

Life: An elegant and lightweight protective shell to withstand all the little knocks and drops of everyday life.

Urban: An excellent blend of style and technology to be with you in all your daily activities and sports, in the city or elsewhere.

Ultimate: The ultimate high-strength protection to face the most extreme situations in peace of mind.

In short, the more mobile and active your life is, the greater the probability of your smartphone getting dropped... so the stronger the protection must be!
The price of FORCE CASE protection is justified because it’s the only one on the market that can incorporate 4 impact resistance systems (360° shock-absorbing gel + the Tryax™ system + Ondular™ technology + reinforced Kevlar® technology) certified by tests carried out in independent laboratories. Lastly, and above all, it’s because FORCE CASE is the only protection system on the market that offers a genuine lifetime guarantee*.
The types of damage to your FORCE CASE protection system covered by our lifetime guarantee are: tears, breakages, abnormal wear, perforations and smashing.

And our commitment is simple: Force Case will send you a new protection system to replace your damaged one (limited to 1 replacement per year)

Force Power

The price of FORCE POWER is justified by the product finish, and a sleek and compact design as well as by the different Fast & Smart charging technologies integrated into the chargers. These technologies analyse the charging needs of your device and adjust the charging power accordingly. The charging is thus 2 to 3 times faster. In addition, the cables are coated with Dyneema®, the strongest fibre in the world.

Lastly, FORCE POWER chargers are the only ones that offer a real lifetime warranty*
FORCE POWER cables are ultra-resistant and high-performance. They are resistant to bends and abrasion. They are coated with Dyneema®, a fibre 15 times more resistant than steel.

Garantie à vie

To benefit from your product warranty, you simply need to create an account on our website in the “lifetime warranty” section.
When your account has been created, you’ll be asked to register the purchases product (within 30 days of purchase). You can then request a replacement at any time by clicking on “declare an incident”. You’ll then be informed of the returns procedure.
To return your product, you simply need to go to your “warranty” space and click on “declare an incident”. The returns procedure will be sent to you by email and will be available in your space.
To return your product, the dossier must include proof of purchase, the product to be exchanged and the returns authorisation number sent during your request. Any dossier which does not comply with the procedure may not be processed.
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