Why choose Force Glass?

Force Glass is the culmination of a tempered glass technology developed in Japan. With a hardness of 9H+ – the strongest rating on the Wolff-Willborn scale – Force Glass is probably the most robust screen protector after diamond. Its extremely-fine 0.33 mm thickness gives Force Glass high touch sensitivity, while the special ultrasonic dip treatment instills unparalleled transparency. Force Glass is the only screen protector on the market that gives you the assurance of authenticity plus the security of a lifetime guarantee.

Force Glass fitting tutorial

To ensure its effectiveness, Force Glass has designed a really-simple, fast and bubble-free system of installation on your smartphone

Force Glass 360° fitting tutorial

To protect the screen and the back of the iPhone 8 and X, nothing beats the complete protection of Force Glass 360° and its exclusive ultra-simple installation kit for quick and bubble-free fitting.

Force Glass fitting tutorial for Nintendo Switch

To ensure its effectiveness, Force Glass has designed a really-simple system for quick and bubble-free installation on your Nintendo Switch.